Must Have For Your Kit-Senna Brow Book

If I had to pick one item in my kit I don’t think I could do without it would have to be my Senna Brow Palette. Your eyebrows frame your face and doing your makeup and not having them groomed and filled in is almost like forgetting to put on your lipstick! That is the first thing I notice on a women’s face when they are NOT done. I can’t tell you how many times I see great makeup with neglected eyebrows! Every makeup artist needs a great brow palette in their kit! I highly recommend this one!



Brow expert and Senna founder, Eugenia Weston, designed this super skinny, refillable magnetic palette as the ultimate pro tool to master perfect brows on everyone. The Brow Book contains: 9 highly pigmented, natural looking and long wearing matte powder brow powders that suit every brow and skin tone; 1 Browlite soft matte highlighter that defines the brow line and accents the arch; 1 Brow Pomade that adds texture, fullness and is perfect for creating faux brow hairs; 1 Educational Brow Book with dictionary and expert tools, tips, and techniques for mastering the Art of Brows, written by Eugenia Weston.

To Use: With a firm angled brush, fill in sparse areas of brow with Brow Powder. Blend color with a brow grooming brush to soften and incorporate throughout brow. Layer pomade over color to add texture, create faux hairs, and to make color adhere and look natural. Accent brow shape with Browlite under the brow line. Always finish with Brow Fix X for all day hold and conditioning of brow hairs.

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