Makeup Artists! Makeup Tip of the Day! Looking for a way to depot your makeup products? Vueset might just be the answer!

As makeup artists we are always looking for ways to consolidate our kits and carry more product in less space. About a year ago these products were introduced into the market and are quickly becoming sought after by makeup artists and everyday women.

These containers are well made and will hold up to abuse. They do not crack or break easily. I know of people who have dropped them on purpose to see if they would crack and they don’t!! I use them for my cream foundations,concealers, color correctors and cream blushes.

Here are some pictures to inspire you on some ways they can be used:

You can order these little goodies here:

Have you tried these yet? How do you use them? Please comment and subscribe!

Thanks for reading!

Lynn Golovich
Detroit, Michigan Makeup Artist

Helping to make women look and feel more beautiful, one women at a time!

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