Lynn Golovich-About Faces

Detroit, MI Makeup Artist



Clonex, Inc

2014 Pinup Calendar.

 Chrysler Corporation

2013 Look Books for 4 vehicles

Goodyear Tire

Ad Campaign

Arthritis Today

Print Ad

Bank of American

Ad Campaign for United Way


Makeup Artist for Eric Stormer for Event for Olympic Paint Company

Harvard Business Publishing

Makeup artist for American Axel Training Video

“Wow cable network” Marketing Promotion
Key Makeup Artist

Web site
Key Makeup artist for 12 models

E-commercial web site “Purses”
Key Makeup Artist

Web site
Client pictures on front page of website

Photo in “Westcott Photography Equipment Catalog”,

Terry White, Photographer

Photos in “Layers Magazine” tutorial, Terry White, Photographer

“Red Skin Magazine”-Cover shot for April, 2007 Makeup Artist

Thibodaux Regional Medical Center-Thibodaux, Louisiana
Marketing Publication with VSA Partners, and Wes Kroniger, Photographer, Key Makeup Artist for 20 principals’s.

“Time-Warner Publications”
Print Ad for Chrysler Corporation that appeared in 7 national publications-Makeup Artist

Sylvia McNair, Grammy winning Opera Singer, CD cover Makeup Artist


Travel Channel

Underground Barbeque Challenge 2014 Detroit

Dodge Ram

Web Ad Campaign for Dodge Trucks

Ford Motor Company

Team Detroit

Video for Ford Escape

 Fox 2 News Makeup Artist for  “Debbie Dingell”

Short Film “The Pusher”
Key Makeup Artist

Pilot for Television Show for “10 Kids 2 Dads”

World of Wonder Productions
Key Makeup Artist Pilot “10 Kids and 2 Dad’s”

Commercial for “Michigan Volunteer Energy”
With Kris Draper and Chris Osgood
Key Makeup Artist

Short Film: “North of South, East of West” Key Makeup Artist

Web series “Headshots” Key Makeup Artist

Chrysler Corporation
Video for company web site
Key Makeup Artist

Feature Film:  “My Streets” Makeup Artist

Feature Film: “Butterfly Effect: Revelation”
Makeup artist-for extras

Short Film: “Raised Alone”
Key Makeup artist for 4 principal’s and extras

Short Film: “Anna’s Song”
Key Makeup Artist for 2 principal’s and extras

Short Film: “Regular Thursday Night” CNC Productions
Key Makeup Artist for 2 principal’s and extras

Soaring Eagle Casino-Soaring Eagle Experience
4 day commercial shoot for Prin Pictures and
Michigan Talent, March, 2007
Key Makeup Artist for 2 principal’s and 20 extras

Television Show: “Designing Spaces”
Filmed Dec. 2007
Key Makeup Artist

Television Segment-Fox TV News- Makeup Artist

“Christmas Cookies”

“Building Your Own Studio From Scratch”

Andy Greenwell for DVD

Produced by Scott Kelby-Key Makeup Artist

The Yes Network Seminars on DVD-Key Makeup Artist

Expanded Books Interview with John Scalzi “The Last Colony”
With Host, Lani Garci
Key Makeup Artist


Detroit International Auto Show 2012

Key Makeup Artist Press Days


New Years Eve Event at the Seneca Casino, Niagara Falls, New York,
Brian McNelis, Producer, Tomfoolery’s Cirque Voila!
Makeup Artist for 12 Models

Event-Gallery Opening for Artist, Camilo Pardo
Key Makeup Artist for 8 Models


Detroit Fashion Week for 3 years

Ira Collections Artistic Shades of Beauty

Phiaria Fashion Show

Bellisiama Bridal Salon-3 Prom and Bridal Fashion Shows in Albion, Michigan