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Hope in a Jar/Magic Creams for Brown spots and Aging skin

For many years I have had this brown spot of my left cheek.
Years ago I had over the course of about 3 years numerous treatments with a laser that removed it.  But the results were only temporary as the spot came back after about 6 months.

August, 2013 I made an appointment and saw a dermatologist in hope of getting it removed. This spot is about the size of a quarter.

Before any treatment:

After a biopsy in 4 places:

it was determined that it was non-cancerous (yeah!) I have been undergoing treatments using a form of liquid nitrogen. This started back in August, 2013 and I have my last one early February, 2014. After my last treatment it appeared that most of the brown spot was gone so I was happy. Of course the skin was still pink in the areas of the biopsy but it was looking pretty good overall. All I really want is to be able to put on foundation and blush and not have to go through extensive color correcting and concealing to make the skin look flawless.

After a follow-up visit late March, 2014 some of the Hyperpigmentation was coming back even though it has been a long winter and I have not spent any time out in the sun. The dermatologist determined that some of the pigmentation was deeper in some areas which is why it was coming back. She then prescribed a cream for me that is a combination of a bleaching agent and retina a (C-TRET-HC-HYDROQUINON 0/025%=2.5%=8%) which I have been using daily since I got it. I have been working up to using it 2 a day as recommended and trying not to end up with dry flaky patches of skin. I use sun screen on a daily basis to protect my skin from any further damage. I use LA Roche-Posay Anthelois 60 and I highly recommend it.

You can find it here:

You can also find it at CVS

I will update you on the progress as time goes on. It seems to be getting lighter so far.

Have any of you had brown spots that you have had treated? What was the treatment used and the outcome? What moisturizers have you used with retin-a that you have found to be non-irritating and effective? Do you have any other helpful and useful comments about this subject?


Thanks for reading!

Lynn Golovich
Detroit, Michigan Makeup Artist

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