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Makeup Artists! Makeup Tip of the Day! Looking for a way to depot your makeup products? Vueset might just be the answer!

As makeup artists we are always looking for ways to consolidate our kits and carry more product in less space. About a year ago these products were introduced into the market and are quickly becoming sought after by makeup artists and everyday women.

These containers are well made and will hold up to abuse. They do not crack or break easily. I know of people who have dropped them on purpose to see if they would crack and they don’t!! I use them for my cream foundations,concealers, color correctors and cream blushes.

Here are some pictures to inspire you on some ways they can be used:

You can order these little goodies here:

Have you tried these yet? How do you use them? Please comment and subscribe!

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Lynn Golovich
Detroit, Michigan Makeup Artist

Helping to make women look and feel more beautiful, one women at a time!

Makeup Brushes that I Love #4 London Brush Company Angled Lip Brush

Here is a lip brush that I LOVE!

Why do I love it? First of all the angle of the brush makes applying lip color so much easier and precise. Secondly the quality of this brush is excellent. It is made out of Pure European Sable Hair. I have one in my personal collection and a bunch in my kit. If you’re looking for a good lip brush to buy this is IT!

You can find it at:


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Lynn Golovich
Detroit, Michigan Makeup Artist

Helping to make women look and feel more beautiful, one women at a time!

Viseart Eye Shadows-The Best of The Best!

Let me let you in on some eye shadow palettes that are so exceptional that they are fast becoming a favorite in the makeup industry. Viseart Eye Shadow Palettes.

All of the shadow colors are beautiful, long lasting, highly pigmented and go on like butter! Once you use these shadows nothing else you have in the drawer or your kit will compare! The #1 Nude Shadow Palette is a staple in makeup artist kits!

Viseart Nude Palette 01
Best basic Nude Palette that exists!






Here are some comments made by makeup artists from a popular Face Book Group that I am in just in case you need more convincing that these eye shadow palettes are amazing:

Rachel Proctor The Viseart shadows will change your life. Seriously. Worth every single penny. They’ll end up saving you money in the long run because the quality is so high. Run, don’t walk to the Viseart.

Davisha Dadone Candice, the texture of Viseart is like velvet – much more like high-end shadows such as the ones you mention. But with better payoff and a lot more practical choices of color. I love my YSL and Dior, but there’s no reason to have them in my kit. Viseart, however, is just as luxe, much better packaging, and ready to use for my kit. No contest. Unless of course, I enjoy wasting money, time, and space

Rachael Parnell Inglot is FAB! Viseart are on ANOTHER level. No joke! In all my years (10 years plus) of trying and testing and using EVERYTHING on this planet…Viseart is the SHIZ!!!! Seriously, I think I’ll offer a money back deal on these palettes. You will NOT be sad xo (you will actually email me and say THANK YOU!

April Lampkins Ross Viseart is in a class by itself. It’s pointless to even compare. They’re superior, grade A, top shelf. I want to eat Viseart palettes lol.

Cassandra Kennedy I bought Viseart shadows recently because of all the buzz on this forum and honestly I could hardly handle how amazing they are. I’ve worked so hard to make things look good with other shadows. Viseart shadows are easy, smooth, velvety goodness. The problem now is that it’s like tasting a glass of hundred dollar champagne. You’ll never look at your glass of cheap brut in the same way again.

April Lampkins Ross I’ve used them on deeper skin tones, including my own. They’re amazing. It can be difficult to find neutrals on deeper skin tones that don’t read ashy. These don’t. They are rich creamy perfection.

Alexandra Reem Babic The Neutral Matte palette is one I am always reaching for, and the Pearl Basics is gorgeous. The eyeshadow palettes are highly pigmented, blend beautifully and are a joy to work with. The Lip Palette is stunning too, but the two above are must-haves for me.

Rachael Parnell Viseart is testament to how well a professional, pigmented product should work. The blending, color payoff, ease of use and staying power is out of this world! You seriously would NOT be disappointed.

Jade Milner Sammy, the Viseart shadows are TO DIE FOR! No ifs or buts, just get them.
Christine Wright Viseart has amazing eyeshadows…the best. I am ruined for any other brand save a few of my MUFE. I also love their lip palettes. I want to try all their products.

You can find these palettes (and their other wonderful products here):

Read this review on Muse Beauty!

NEWS FLASH! They are working on these new palettes to be coming out in the next few months! Look at the PRETTY COLORS!


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Lynn Golovich
Detroit, Michigan Makeup Artist

Helping to make women look and feel more beautiful, one women at a time!