Makeup Brushes-Different Ways to Organize and Carry Them

One thing most makeup artist have lots of is makeup brushes. Keeping them clean and organized can be a challenge especially if you have a large collection.

Last summer I found these great bags on one of those shopping channels. Someone posted something about them on Face Book so I checked them out and decided to get them. I organized my brushes by type and labeled then. When I set up my work space I arrange the pouches in the order that I generally apply the makeup so I can quickly and easily grab the brush I need. Having them in the pouches keeps them clean and sanitary which is essential. I also helps prevent them from getting lost.

You can find the bags pictures above here:

Out of all the ways I have carried and organized brushes in the past this seems to work best for me. I carry them in a large Stilazzi Clear Set bag which I love.

You can find that Stilazzi Set Bag here:

Another idea is to get a large clear bag. The one is this picture is a Caboose bag that I found at Walmart. You can use clean empty Crystal Light containers and sort your brushes by type and label the containers. When you set up you can either open the bag and work from the bag or pull out the containers of the brushes and set them out on your work space that depends on how much space you have.

While I no longer carry my brushes like this unless I have a HUGE job and need them all, I use this bag for brush storage in my makeup room. It keeps the extras clean and organized.

Makeup artists how do you carry your brushes? Please comment and share your ideas!

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